32.4.4 Verbes transitifs composés

Les verbes de cette liste puevent être séparés selon les règles décrites dans le chapitres 31.3.3.

Verbes transitifs composés  
to add up ajouter
to ask about demander pour quelque chose
to ask for demander
to attribute to attribuer
to back up apuyer
to based something on être fondé sur quelque chose
to bear out confirmer
to blame for inculper
to break down analyser
to break into entrer
to bring off réaliser
to bring on causer
to bring out souligner
to bring to réanimer
to bring up crier
to brush out brosser
to buy out payer
to buy up acheter
to call off anuller
to call up crier
to calm down tranquiliser
to carry on continuer
to carry out realiser
to carry over porter
to cheer up stimuler
to chew up mâcher
to chop up couper en morceau
to clean off nettoyer
to clear out nettoyer la superficie
to clear up nettoyer à l' interieur
to close down fermer
to close up fermer
to compare with comparer avec
to congratulate sb on sth féliciter quelqu' un
to count in incluir
to count out exluir
to count up conter
to cross out effacer
to cut down reduir
to cut off interrompre
to cut out reduire
to devote (time) to se dédier à quelque chose
to draw up écrire
to dress up s' habiller
to eat up manger
to figure out entendre
to figure up ajouter
to fill in remplir
to fill out remplir un formulaire
to find out découvrir
to fix up réparer
to get across se faire comprendre
to give out informer
to give up abandonner
to have (an effect/influence) on influir
to hold out extendre
to hold up lever
to introduce to s' imaginer
to keep up soutenir
to laugh off rire
to light up allumer
to live down faire oublier quelque chose
to lock away fermer
to lock in fermer
to lock up encarcerer
to look up regardes en haut
to make of aprecier quelqu' un
to make over refaire
to make up inventer
to mix up confondre
to move in entrer
to move on continuer
to move out sortir
to pass off apparaître
to pass out distribuer
to pass up perdre une occasion
to pay off payer
to pick up recuiellir
to play down reduire
to play up souligner
to point out montrer
to prefer something to something préférer
to prevent from empêcher
to pride oneself on être fier de quelque chose
to provide with approvisionner
to pull apart tirer
to pull down tirer par dessous
to pull off se deshabiller
to pull on s' habiller
to pull together faire un effort
to push across convaincre quelqu' un
to put off desplacer
to put on s' habiller
to ring up appeller
to rule out exluire
to run in arriver
to run off imprimer
to save up épargner
to sell out vendre
to send down encarcerer
to send in envoyer
to send off envoyer
to send over envoyer
to set up organiser
to show around / round montrer
to show in introduire
to show off présenter
to shut down fermer
to shut off éteindre
to shut out fermer la porte
to shut (sb) up se taire
to spend (money) on dépenser
to stop from empêcher quelqu' un
to take advantage of abuser de quelqu' un
to take apart séparer
to take down renoncer
to take sb for sth prendre quelque chose pour quelque chose
to tear down détruire
to tell apart distinguer
to think over penser en quelque chose
to think through penser
to think up inventer
to throw over refuter
to tire out se fatiguer
to touch up réparer
to try on essayer
to try out essayer
to turn away réfuter
to turn down réfuter
to turn off éteindrer
to turn on allumer
to turn out éteindre
to wind up terminer
to wipe off nettoyer
to work out travailler
to write down écrire

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