33.4 Langage familier

Voici une liste des expressions idiomatiques. Nous soulignons encore une foir que cette liste n' est pas complète que la sélection est completement arbitraire.

Englisch Français
a bogus offer  
a last ditch attempt  
a low turnout  
a marshmellow term  
a performance-oriented society  
a spate of attacks  
a spate of newspaper reports  
a towering pillar of smoke  
as it were  
beyond comprehension  
bodily / physically (mentally) handicapped  
by hook or by crook  
culture vulture  
dull as ditchwater  
floating voters  
in his own ranks  
in the event of death  
in the first place  
in the wake of  
in the wake of the incident  
malpractice / miscarriage of justice  
minor disputes  
mitigating circumstances  
on a large scale  
on the spur of the moment  
pent-up aggressions  
potable water  
presumption of innocence  
sense of belonging  
sleeping policemen/road bumps  
statutory woman  
that can't be any other way  
the gravest misgivings  
the like of it  
the responsibility lies with sb  
to acquire/obtain/assemble information  
to afford a view  
to arrive at a conclusion  
to attain fame  
to avail oneself of an opportunity  
to be agreeably surprised  
to be at issue  
to be embroiled in a feud  
to be in limbo  
to be (never) at a loss for a word  
to be out of sync  
to be prone to  
to be sharply at odds with  
to brace o.s. for sth.  
to broker a peace deal  
to bunk off (fam)  
to cast doubt  
to circumvent restrictions  
to commute a death sentence  
to cope with a problem  
to create/wreak havoc  
to cut down the consumption  
to deliver on a promise  
to denounce a decision  
to deny charges / allegations  
to dismiss concerns  
to draft a bill  
to draw a conclusion from  
to emulate the function of  
to encroach on sb's life  
to enforce a ban  
to exact revenge  
to exert influence on  
to fall prey to  
to flout the law  
to foil / thwart plans  
to give a short shrift to  
to grit one's teeth  
to have a leading edge  
to implement a new regulation / law  
to invoke the values  
to join a queue  
to keep a low profile  
to keep in force  
to keep up appearances  
to know a thing or two  
to launch a bid  
to leave nothing to chance  
to levy charges  
to make amends  
to make ends meet  
to make sth available to sb  
to meet requirements  
to opt out of the rat race  
to pave the way  
to pick fights  
to place sb on probation  
to play truant  
to pose a threat  
to put the records straight  
to quench flames  
to radiate confidence  
to rain buckets down  
to raise an issue  
to raise an objection  
to raise false hopes  
to reach agreement  
to receive a prison sentence  
to refute an argument  
to rule out a possibility  
to seal the fate  
to secure an injunction  
to serve prison terms  
to settle a dispute / an argument  
to share digs  
to shed tears  
to skip classes  
to sleep rough  
to stand trial  
to surmount difficulties  
to sustain casualties  
to take advantage of sb / sth  
to take into consideration  
to take issue with the claim  
to take sth for granted  
to the detriment of  
to the dismay of  
to the dismay of  
to traet sb with kid gloves  
to urge caution  
to vote on a motion  
to wield the bludgeon  
to win by a landslide  
upsurge in numbers  
wafer-thin majority  
work to rule  

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