33.2 Français = English

Dans le tableau ci - dessous il y a quelques expressions idiomatiques anglaises. Parfois le français utilise les mêmes images, d´autres fois l' expression entière n' existe pas en français.

English Français
Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.  
to stew in one's own juice  
to rub salt in the wound  
a sore point  
to hit the nail on the head  
to bore s.o. to death  
not to see the wood for the trees  
to be the black sheep  
to throw pearls before swine  
a wolf in a sheep's clothing  
to let the cat out of the bag  
it's a dog's life  
to take the bull by the horns  
to be all ears  
in one ear and out the other  
somebody's better half  
a nail in somebody's coffin  
to be the tip of the iceberg  
throw the baby out with the bathwater  

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