Avec un participe passé to get décrit toujours un changement, assez souvent on doit traduire donc avec devenir. Mais il existe aussi en français un verbe spécifique. Quelques unes de ces constructions, mais pas toutes demandent une préposition spécifique. Il faut donc faire attention à la préposition.

to get ...    
accustomed (to) s' accoutumer à I got accustomed to reading the newspaper.
damaged endommager The car got damaged in the accident.
dressed up s' habiller We all got dressed up for the evening.
disliked se rendre impopulaire With all her arrogance, she got disliked in her class.
broken briser The glass got broken during the fight.
busted être attrapé The thief got busted.
caught être attrapé We got caught stealing cherries.
drunk se soûler They were having a party and all got drunk.
excited s' enthousiasmer He got a bit excited by the news.
frightened s´effrayer The child got frightened by the dog.
lost s' en aller Get lost! (va-t-en!)
married se marier They got married last year.
mixed up se confondre We got it mixed up with something else.
muddled s´embrouiller During a presentation, one should not get muddled.
pulled over être arrêter par la police Luckily, I did not get pulled over this morning.
rid of se défaire de quelque chose We had trouble to get rid of him.
separated être separé de quelqu' un You got separated during the concert.
shaved être rasé He got shaved at the Barber's.
started commencer Do they really get started on time?
used to s' accoutumer It is easy to get used to luxury.
worried se préoccuper If he does not come home soon, I'll get worried.

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