29.2.1 Expressions idiomatiques avec to get et to become

Dans certains cas, surtout en rélation avec quelques adjectifs, to get peut être substitué par to become et vice-versa. Ces adjectifs sont:

Get et become    
abusive injurieux There is no reason to get / become abusive!
annoyed agacé He always gets / becomes annoyed by children.
angry faché She gets / becomes angry by violence.
better / worse mieux / pire Day by day, he gets / becomes better.
cheap(er) (meilleur) bon marché The flights to Europe get / become cheaper every year.
cold froid You get / become cold, if you don't dress well.
dry sec The weather gets / becomes dry with the wind.
hungry affamé They get / become hungry by swimming all day.
old vieux We all get / become old, if we are lucky.
ready près Did you get / become ready for the evening?
lost perdu We got / became lost on the way to here.
thirsty assoiffé He gets / becomes thirsty from watching others drink.
warm chaud She gets / becomes warm with nice thoughts.
wet mouillé They got / became wet by the heavy rain.

Tous ces exemples décrivent un changement corporel ou psychique. Ces changements peuvent être décrit avec to get ou to become. Cette substitution n' est pas possible dans d´autres circonstances.

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