25.6.4 Exercice 4: L' imperatif dans le discours indirect

Passez du discours indirect au discours direct    
He said (to her), "Go home!"
My boss says (to me), "Work faster!"
Tom would say (to us), "Don't mind the dog, it is very calm."
The teacher said (to them), "Close the door, please!"
The professor said (to the students), "Study hard, you will need it!"
He had said (to me), "Don't ask me questions!"
Billy said (to her), "Don't wake me up, please!"
The shop manager says (to him), "Pay at once and leave the shop!"
The cab driver said (to them), "Fasten your seat belt!"
She said (to him), "Clean your room! Else you are not allowed to watch TV!"

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