32.7 Intentions, promesses ou menaces

Avec des verbes qui décrivent un fin, une intention ou une menace, on utilise Les verbes de modalité du tableau ci-dessous. Utiliser le subjonctif rend l' affirmation plus courtoise.

verbes Exemples
shall* You shall regret your wrong doing until the end of times!
should The trainer worked hard with the team so that they should win the championship.
can They can have their money back by Friday, ok.
could He was speaking very clearly so everyone could understand him well.
will I will make you suffer for what you did. You will be sorry.
would The officer gave a warning in order that next time the driver would not go so fast.

Shall sonne un peu démodé. Les autres expressions sont plus utilisées.

verbes Exemples
to be going to You are not going to have my money and my girlfriend!
to make sure I make sure he will never find a job in his field again.
to let We will let them have the car for the weekend. I will let you know about my decision.
to promise I promise to transfer the money still today.
to guarantee He guaranteed to get the car ready until 3 p.m.
to take care She takes care to make things right.
to intend to (avoir l´intention de ) They intended to come here but then changed their mind.
to mean to (avoir l´intention de) I meant to help with your homework but then I forgot.
to think of He is thinking of moving away from here.
to be about to
(être sur le point de )
They were about to get into the car when they saw the accident happen.

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