29.3 Autres verbes qui expriment un changement

  to turn   Anna turns easily red, when something is embarrassing.
  to go   Jim went mad when he heard about the last tax raise.

Il y a aussi d' autres verbes qui par eux-mêmes décrivent déjà un changement. En français, il existe des verbes spécifiques pour ce changement, mais pas toujours. Comme nous l' avons déjà vu, il est possible aussi qu' il y ait un verbe spécifique en français mais pas en anglais.

  to age / to get old vieillir It is better to age with dignity than to try to be forever young.
  to better /
to improve
améliorer It is the purpose of this site to enable people to better/improve their English language skills.
  to decay pourrir The cheese was already decaying.
  to fade s'estomper The noise from the radio faded away.
  to faint exténuer After his first marathon, he fainted because of exhaustion.
  to flush rougir When Romeo first talked to her, she flushed.
  to grow (up) agrandir I grew up in a little town near the capital.
  to realize se rendre compte You just did not realize how important this was for her.
  to soak mouiller In the rain, their clothes were soaked.
  to shorten diminuer During autumn, the days shorten.
  to strengthen renforcer With training, one can strengthen the whole body.
  to thin maigrir During the last couple of months, they all thinned.

Les exemples ci-dessous ne sont qu' une illustration. Il y a beaucoup de verbes qui décrivent un changement par eux-mêmes.

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