10.6.9 Exercice 9 - Répétion: Formation des temps du passé

Pour plus de détails voir chapitre 8.

Insérez dans les cases les temps du passé qui correspondent. Faut-il utiliser le simple past, le present perfect ou le past perfect?


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Yesterday I shopping all day. (to go)
This morning he the car, so can't drive you home. (to take)
It all day before the sun came out. (to be)
Last Sunday we the artists in the circus. (to admire)
After she her last exam, she went to New York to visit her family.
They the house this spring month, it looks very nice.
He did not the door, maybe has was not home. (to open)
She about this since last year. (to know)
Only last year they their house. (to sell)
We them to stay, but they did not want to. (to ask)

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