10.6.3 Exercice 3 - Les adjectifs et pronoms possessifs

  Mettez les adjectifs et pronoms possessifs qui correspondent


check or answer

3. personne singulier masculin He always smokes cigars.
1. personne pluriel The trip was organised by family.
2. personne singulier You are again with these friends of .
3. personne singulier féminin Of all cookies in the world, are the best.
3. personne pluriel They went on holiday with dog and cat.
1. personne singulier I burnt shirt yesterday.
3. personne pluriel This is not my problem, it is .
2. personne pluriel These pencils are ours and these ones are
1. personne pluriel They sit in garden.
1. personne singulier You watched the last game of .

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